Terms and Conditions of a Letter Report

Our search does not include (unless shown above) a search for (1) easements and restrictions of record, (2) marital property rights, (3) current year real estate taxes, (4) special taxes or assessments, (5) matters not disclosed in the public records, including but not limited to zoning and other ordinances regulating and restricting the use of such property, and (6) filings and/or judgments entered in the United States District Court (including, but not limited to, bankruptcy filings) located in the county where the Land is located, if any.
This report is limited in scope to the matters specifically set forth herein and is for informational purposes only.
The liability of Focus Title LLC (the “Company”) in issuing this report is for reasonable care in making the search described herein and is limited to a maximum amount of $1,500.00.
This report is not an abstract of title, a title opinion, a title insurance policy or a commitment to issue a policy of title insurance and should not be relied upon in place of such.
It is not the intention, express or implied, of the Company to provide any type of guaranty, warranty, or indemnity to any party with respect to the accuracy of the information contained in the report.
If this report is going to be used by the applicant as the search required in order for the applicant to issue a title insurance commitment/policy, or if the information contained in this report is resold or used for foreclosure purposes, the applicant does so at its own risk.
In order to obtain information from the Company which will carry the full liability of a title insurance commitment/policy the Company may issue, if requested, a commitment of title insurance and will charge a fee in compliance with rates filed with the office of the Commissioner of Insurance.