Our Products


For sale/purchase transactions. An Owner’s Policy insuring the new buyer’s rights in the property will be issued. If the buyer’s lender desires, we will also issue a policy for its mortgage loan and handle the closing of the loan paperwork.

Lender’s Title Insurance (Purchase Mortgage)

For a lender’s purchase mortgage only. Don’t feel stuck with the seller’s title company. If you feel more comfortable depositing closing funds and the personal information within loan documents with us, go ahead and have our closers setup a split closing.

Lender’s Title Insurance (Refinance Mortgage)

For refinance loans, this policy can be issued in either a short or long form.

New Construction

Title insurance and optional construction draw services are available for buyers and lenders.

Limited Junior Loan Policy

Limited title insurance for residential equity-type loans. The premium is $75 for coverage up to $300,000, then $1 for each additional thousand, max amount is $500,000.

Letter Report

This report is typically used by residential equity lenders and gives the status of title since the current owner acquired title and includes mortgages, judgments, liens and taxes.

Property Profile

Aka preliminary report or a search & hold for Realtors in preparation for a new listing. This report gives the owner’s name, the legal description, taxes, mortgages, liens and judgments and helps identify any outstanding title issue prior to a contract being in place.